Monday, July 5, 2010

Succubus Shadows - Richelle Mead

TITLE: Succubus Shadows

AUTHOR: Richelle Mead

SUMMARY: From the author of the hugely popular Vampire Academy series comes this sexy, suspenseful, and witty urban fantasy that features Seattle-based succubus Georgina Kinkaid who discovers that her dreams are not what they seem. - From Publisher

REVIEW: I've loved this series, until this book. I felt like nothing really happened and I sorta feel like we've hit a slump. *ducks flying objects*

Before you start a mob, let me explain and please keep in mind that I adore Mead's work, I think she's brilliant and a fantastic writer with a unique voice. The whole drama with Seth is done. I've past the delicious tension portion of these two and am now just over them. I think the next book or two needs to have Seth barely mentioned and for us to focus on the real excitement, *SPOILER WARNING* the double contract... well and maybe the whole relationship with Roman, who I'm just really loving more and more with each book, so I'm just waiting for that to never happen. (Oh sarcasm, my lovely friend) *face palm* But seriously, I'm done with the Seth drama and he needs to just sit back, get his crap in order and our beloved Succubus needs to get the full 411 on the shifty details.

This book just felt so repetitive. Even the flashbacks weren't all that exciting and more often than not I found myself bored with them. Perhaps this was a filler for what's to come but I felt like the majority of this book didn't bring anything new to the table until the end and a certain kiss.

Maybe I'm the only one that felt this way and others loved the back history, and yay for you all, I wish I was one of you. As for her romance interests I just feel like I've been beaten over the head with Seth (much like how I'm beating my opinion about him in this review) and I want something new. Give her Roman, of course I've got a theory about that. *THEORY SPOILER WARNING* Her and Roman will end up together cause she'll realize that Seth needs to be with his family and sort through that whole drama. I'll fall more in love with Roman and then when she gets out of her contract due to having two... blah, blah, blah and she becomes human she'll got for Seth and I will be mad. So... maybe Roman could die in the fight(?) and then I wouldn't have to know he's suffering while watching the two of them together. Love triangles are EVIL especially when generally they never end up how I'd like them to.

That's my two cents on the book, if you are reading this series, you probably should read this because yay for Mead but also because the teasing with the 'stuff' and Roman is really well written and you may enjoy all the back history and creepy ways of torture (I did enjoy the torture and pain and heartbreak that this book did provide, shocking, I know) that Georgina endures.

RATING: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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