Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Reformed Vampire Support Group - Catherine Jinks

TITLE: The Reformed Vampire Support Group

AUTHOR: Catherine Jinks

SUMMARY: An un-romanticized, irreverent, hilarious look at the blood-sucking life, through the eyes of Nina Harrison, fanged at 15 and still living with her mother. She''s stuck in a support group for reformed vamps that has never had anything exciting happen to them...until one of them is murdered. With the help of a priest and Nina''s mom soon the whole cast of weak misfit vampires bands together to surprise themselves: saving a werewolf, solving a mystery and keeping the world safe from blood-thirsty unreformed vamps. Through it all, Nina learns to stop fighting fate, accepts that she''s a vampire, and realizes she actually kind of does like that cute Dave guy even if he''s a vampire. - From Publisher

REVIEW: A very humorous and completely different look at vampires, which was refreshing and I sorta like how the book poked a bit of fun at the way vampires are portrayed. It was different reading a book where vampires aren't rolling in money and laughing at us walking happy meals and our fragile immortality. The concept of them being frailer than us and struggling to simply survive in the most basic sense took a bit of time getting use to. All the vampires I read about are like Nina's Zadia Bloodstone. Regardless of their struggles with health and finding a way to exist without drawing attention to themselves of blodding an human, I found this story to be enjoyable.

It took some time to get into, but that was more real life barging in and interrupting me every time I got into the book. Had there been no distractions I would've read through this faster. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey Nina went on. From hating her existence and other vampires to finally embracing her vampirism and realizing that she put limitations on herself, not her 'disease'. I liked that little moral issue that was slipped into the actual book.

For fans of the vamps and those looking for a humorous read and willing to laugh and mock at yourself you'll enjoy this.

RATING: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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