Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Low Red Moon - Ivy Devlin

TITLE: Low Red Moon

AUTHOR: Ivy Devlin

SUMMARY: The only thing Avery Hood can remember about the night her parents died is that she saw silver—deadly silver, moving inhumanly fast. As much as she wants to remember who killed them, she can't, and there's nothing left to do but try to piece her life back together. Then Avery meets the new boy in school—Ben, mysterious and beautiful, with whom she feels a connection like nothing she's ever experienced. When Ben reveals he's a werewolf, Avery still trusts him—at first. Then she sees that sometimes his eyes flash inhuman silver. And she learns that she's not the only one who can't remember the night her parents died.Part murder mystery, part grief narrative, and part heart-stopping, headlong romance, Low Red Moon is a must-read for teen paranormal fans. As breathless as Twilight and as spooky as Shiver, this is a book to be devoured in one sitting—by an acclaimed YA author making her paranormal debut under the pseudonym Ivy Devlin. - From Publisher

REVIEW: An amazing book! The first few pages made me so uncomfortable and heart broken that I was worried if I would be able to muster through the book. (Note: I may later blame this sadness on pregnancy hormones) And despite that uncomfortableness I loved that Devlin got me to that place because I felt Avery's pain so strongly. I felt like I was a part of her world and was dealing with the lose of parents as she was. This really helped you get pulled into Avery's world that was morphing and twisting into something unnatural and, in my opinion, because Devlin got you to that uncomfortable place I was more easily swayed into believing the paranormal events that begin to take place.

Avery is a self assured girl and I love that while she loved how her parents raised her she wasn't overly awkward and wanted to still be balanced. She seemed to have a clear view of life. Plus, it was refreshing that she didn't resent her Grama, Renee, and that as the story developed you saw that Avery realized how much her Grama did love her father and how alike they were. It was enjoyable that their relationship with neither perfect or horrible, just a tad awkward and it read realistically.

Oh and the romance between Ben and Avery was fire cracker hot and intense. I absolutely loved how this was written and all the history that was woven between the canvas of characters. Some thing I guessed and others were a pleasant surprise. But Ben was such a unique character (like all of them) and he often did the opposite of what I thought he would do, so it sorta kept me guessing.

I absolutely adored this book and you should all go pick this up to read. A wonderful blend of suspense, character growth, romance and supernatural. Also, I really hope Devlin continues with this 'verse and that we get a second book.

RATING: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Great review!! I loved this one! Read it awhile back. Still haven't heard if there was going to be another, but I'm hoping! I just loved everything about it! Great mystery read!