Thursday, June 16, 2011

Booking Through Thursday

With the advent (and growing popularity) of eBooks, I’m seeing more and more articles about how much “better” they can be, because they have the option to be interactive … videos, music, glossaries … all sorts of little extra goodies to help “enhance” your reading experience, rather like listening to the Director’s commentary on a DVD of your favorite movie.

How do you feel about that possibility? Does it excite you in a cutting-edge kind of way? Or does it chill you to the bone because that’s not what reading is ABOUT?- Booking Through Thursday

Hmm... a tricky one. I don't read ebooks because I don't have an ebook reader and probably won't get one until my library makes them more compatible for downloading with my Macbook. The extra goodies don't really lure me into wanting to race out and get a reader. For the average book I wouldn't care, but for my favorite books I would be excited for the goodies and would want to dive into them and get all the little tidbits of juicy behind the scenes. Probably wouldn't be a hard sale for me to buy both ebook and book copy of my favorite books.

As I'm writing this and thinking about it... I love when authors put their writing music playlist in their books but when I don't know a song it would be nice to just be able to click and hear a little clip of it rather than having to go to my laptop and preview it on iTunes. But again, not enough to make me want to get an ebook reader.

Plus, I sorta love having the actual book in my hands. I know when baby comes though the lure for an ebook reader will get stronger because I may only have one hand while nursing and it can be tricky reading with one hand... but I would buy for the convenience not because of the enhancements.

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