Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Mark - Jen Nadol

TITLE: The Mark

AUTHOR: Jen Nadol

SUMMARY: While in Kansas living with an aunt she never knew existed and taking a course in philosophy, sixteen-year-old Cass struggles to learn what, if anything, she should do with her ability to see people marked to die within a day's time. - From Publisher

REVIEW: While the premise of this book has been done before I found Nadol's take to be fresh and intriguing. I loved the lore and how not all the pieces were given until the very end. Nadol left it open for this universe to carry on into a series. I like when a book ends with it having both a satisfying ending and leaving it still available to continue.

So, while the plot was enjoyable I found the most irksome aspect of this book was how Cass, a sixteen year-old, lived in such an adult world. The relationships she found herself involved in seemed off and I don't feel like her need meshed with her independence. Of course, my issues with some of the adult content for a teen could also be due to my old-school mentality. Perhaps I'm in the minority with this.

Nadol's take on 'the mark' was fresh, simply because she brought in the philosophy angle. Is it ones right to inform someone of their death even if it can't be changed? I loved how that theme ran through the book and seeing how various paths lead to various endings or beginnings.

All around I found this book to have a nice paced plot along with tidbits of intrigue to keep one reading.

RATING: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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