Monday, February 1, 2010

July is Too Far

This past year I became a full fledged fan of Chloe Neill's series Chicagoland Vampires. Merit is just the type of heroine I love. She's snarky and sharp while still vulnerable and just real, tangible. When I finished "Friday Night Bites" I was heart broken to realize that the third book in the series ("Twice Bitten") doesn't come out until July. JULY!! That's months and months away and while there will be some awesome books to fill in the gap it's just a reminder of why getting addicted to a current series can be so painful. Thrilling and addicting but man, the drought between books is at times agony. Thankfully Neill took some pity on us addicts and gave us a little sneak peek to take some of the edge of (or in my case it made it even stronger). You can check out Chapter Two here and read it. Obviously you shouldn't click on that link if you want to stay pure until you can get your hands on the book, which comes out July 6, 2010. But, if you're like me and lack a bit (or any) of patience click and enjoy! You won't be disappointed... well... until you get to the end and realize that July is still months away.

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