Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Undone - Karin Slaughter

TITLE: Undone

AUTHOR: Karin Slaughter

SUMMARY: In the trauma center of Atlanta's busiest hospital, Sara Linton treats the city's poor, wounded, and unlucky-and finds refuge from the tragedy that rocked her life in rural Grant County. Then, in one instant, Sara is thrust into a frantic police investigation, coming face-to-face with a tall driven detective and his quiet female partner…. In Undone, three unforgettable characters from Karin Slaughter's New York Times bestselling novels Faithless and Fractured collide for the first time, entering an electrifying race against the clock-and a duel with unspeakable human evil. - From Publisher

REVIEW: If you're looking from a purely evil killer with some hard edged, driven and "intense" Special Agents then you'll enjoy this book, however read "Faithless" & "Fractured" first.

This was my first dive into Slaughter's work and I wish I had read all her previous books. It's not part of a trilogy but the characters are from two of her previous books and I think having some more back ground knowledge and knowing more would've helped me a bit. Especially with it came to the hard edged Special Agent Faith. I found myself more often than not annoyed with her childish behavior and somewhat ignorant attitude. Perhaps if I had known her story more I would've had justification for her action. She still wouldn't have been a favorite of mine but I'd like to at least enjoy her input and views rather than wish she's disappear.

My favorite character of all was Dr. Sara Linton. This didn't surprise me as she had the heart break factor that often sways me. I adored her character and felt like she was the most honest and real character of them all. Her story about losing Jefferey, her husband, was heart breaking and that tugged on my heart-strings. She alone makes me want to pick up Slaughter's book so I can get more of her.

Special Agent Will Trent was also fascinating. The way he's over come various life obstacles to get where he is made his character dynamic and layered. He wasn't your typical handsome SA. Of course some of that love was lost when it came to his estranged wife Angie. Again, I don't know the full back history but not a fan and I felt like it made Will a weaker character. I understand the connection between the two I just hated how shitty she treated him and how he allowed it. I didn't like that Will hasn't realized and embraced his self worth. And on that note I move on before this turns into a group session.

The plot itself was good. I wasn't hooked and addicted until close to the end of the book. I felt like there were times when the plot slowed and I became bored. But when we were in the thick of the investigation or in dark caves I was hooked. Or when Will & Sara had any scenes together I was innately curious. But just when I was sinking into the book we hit a slow part.

All around, I didn't love and I didn't hate this book. I lacked passion for it and that is, in my opinion, worse than hating a book.

RATING: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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